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Cake socks

January 19, 2012

Check out this very original way of packaging socks!

I got these for Christmas and still can’t bare to take them out the box and wear them.

They came in a little decorated cardboard cake box and inside each pair of socks is rolled up and placed in a bun case. Very cute idea, wish I had thought of it.


Another use for EPS foam??

July 20, 2010

This is a nice idea…


EPS foam is widely used in building and site construction and usually ends up in landfills after this, it then remains intact for centuries. PLANCH are trying to help solve this situation by creating a planter-bench. It combines potentially toxic chemicals with a plant. According to the designer it is trying to explore the notions of toxic and safe, and manmade and natural, in a desperate search for balance and coexistence.

The bench uses this EPS foam, and takes advantage of its properties, like the capacity to resist compression, tactility and weather-resistance, which would cause the slow decomposition in landfill. I think it creates quite an interesting bench/sculpture and might make people think the current waste and landfill situation.


July 7, 2010

Not had internet access for a while due to moving house etc. I found these wine bottles on today. They are both such different designs but very unique. The first is Velevet Glove by a company called MASH. It has a very illustrative approach to the design, it gives you a feeling that each bottle has been lovingly drawn and made. Even the bottle sticker is shaped like a glove instead of the standard rectangular shape used on most wine bottles.

Apparently the label is a black velvet stock which then has the details silver foiled over the die cut glove shaped label. The structure of the bottle is also very unique and it has been dipped in wax to give it a clean matt finish.

This second design by War Design has some lovely illustrative work on them of different types of birds.

The typography is simple but uses a few different typefaces and varying from regular to bold. I love the simpleness of this design, the line the birds are stood on create a nice two third split on label for text and image.

Adam Hayes

November 19, 2009

I absolutely love this illustration by Adam Hayes, so much detail and care have gone into each letter.

This image below is from a book called Hand Job, which is an awesome book based on different type. Every page makes you want to stop and look closer at it, and it is all hand generated.

Hand-drawn Alphabet, 2004. Image from ‘Hand Job’ by Michael Perry.

Hand-drawn alphabet by Adam Hayes

close up of letter

Antoni Gaudi

November 19, 2009

The work of Gaudi has always inspired me. Gaudi was inspired by natural forms, and used these natural forms to help his structural design in the architecture. Along with natural form, repetition was a key factor in his designs. 

One of his most amazing pieces of architecture is the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. He took over from architect Francisco de Villar in 1883 and dedicated his life to the cathedral, until he died 43 years later when he was hit by a tram. Since his death the cathedral has been carried on being built, with the designs taken from Gaudi’s own plans. 

It is the most impressive piece of architecture I have ever seen, and even 126 years later it is still being built. I visited it a couple of years ago, and it was hard to believe with the current size of it, that there would be an even bigger tower built in the centre of what was there already. 

Sagrada Familia

The photo above taken from ‘The Temple of the Sagrada Familia’ by Josep Maria Carandell, shows how the cathedral currently looks, the tallest of these towers are 120m high. Right up the centre where the crane is will be a tower dedicated to Jesus, which will be 170m high!

Interior of the temple naves

I took this photo myself, it shows Gaudi’s influence of nature. The pillars represent trees, and the branches stretch out into the canopy above providing structure and support. 

These last two photos are my favourite, taken from the book ‘The Temple of the Sagrada Familia’ by Josep Maria Carandell, they again just show Gaudi use of repetition and nature.

Repetition used in temple

Stair case resembling patterns from spiral shells