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‘The end of the line’

January 27, 2010

Scientists predict that if the world continues the fish at the rate it does now, by 2048 we will see the end of nearly all seafood.

We desperately need cut down on the amount of fish we are catching, since 1950 the amount of fish has declined by 90%. We are running out. Only 0.6% of the ocean is protected by marine reserves and the rest is being destroyed, and may not recover.

Every year 7 million tonnes of wasted fish gets thrown back into the ocean, and certain species such as blue fin tuna are massively declining. For the blue fin tuna to recover we need to catch 10,000 tonnes per year, but we are catching 60,000 tonnes!

The ocean bed is getting destroyed by trawling, the damage trawling does is equivalent to ploughing a field 7 times over a year (I don’t think much would have chance to grow if we did that to all our fields.).

You may think there is nothing you can do the help since we are not actually the ones catching the fish, but if we stop eating/buying unsustainable fish then supermarkets will stop selling them, and in turn the fishing industry will have to stop catching them, this is what you can do to help…

  • Only eat sustainable fish, visit…

  • Don’t eat farmed fish (this may seem like a good way to help but infact 1k for example of salmon has to be 5k of wild fish to be produced, which is even more wasteful.)
  • Always ask where the fish is from, and if it is from a sustainable source.


Anyway we were asked to design restaurant decoration/packaging/menus/retail display/retail packaging for the restaurant Yo! Sushi, all of their seafood is from a sustainable source, and they don’t sell blue fin tuna.

Here are some paper models of some structures I have created so far

These were just some original ideas, more recently I have designed some packaging which is a flat square then you pull the string and it creates a package. My idea is that the customer at Yo! Sushi can pick the packaged food off the conveyer belt, untie the string and it flattens into a plate. Written on the plate will be all the information about sustainable seafood.

So after developing/thinking through my ideas I actually decided that if Yo! Sushi did use this packaging then it would make life harder. Currently the packaging going around the conveyer belt has a transparent lid so customers can see the food, my packaging although is more aesthetically pleasing is not as functional, as it is hard to see what food is inside. I thought about making it out of some sort of transparent thin plastic but then if type was put on it, it wouldn’t look good seeing it backwards (from the outside.).

I decided to focus on take away packaging, I found it hard to design a packaging which was in-keeping with the japanese theme, aesthetically pleasing and sealed but without using glue (for environmental reasons.).

These below are my favourite designs which could potentially be used for take away packaging.

I really like this design, it is totally sealed and keeps with the Japanese  theme. I think it is quite pretty but it would be quite hard to make up quickly in the restaurant, as it just folds down to a flat piece of paper and can be a bit tricky to make back up into the bag shape. I like the idea of using a peg, obviously it would look like the one above. It would make the packaging more interactive with the customer as they could return the peg to the restaurant for some sort of exchange. 

This design is similar to the first one, as it has a Japanese feel to it. It again folds down flat, but this one is alot easier to make into the package shape. Down along the edges are small gaps, but when these are just folded over the package is sealed.

I like this design, but in reality it is just a box and doesn’t really link into the Yo! Sushi theme. This again doesn’t use glue and folds out so it is completely flat. The main problem is there are small gaps in each corner which isn’t very good for take away packaging, it possibly could be solved but I don’t think I am going to develop this design further as I think the other two suit the restaurant better.

I decided to stay with one of the original ideas, but to make it suitable for food it would be clipped with some sort of plastic clip then the open edges would be folded down, like the picture above. This can then be opened out into a plate which the customer can eat their food off where ever they are.

The graphics on the outside of the packaging will be simple just containing the Yo! Sushi website address and telephone number. The inside will have the information about sustainable fishing. 

The packaging itself has to be sustainable, so the cardboard will be recyclable but it would be very wasteful if every customer kept the clip ontop of the package. So to keep this aspect sustainable Yo! Sushi could have a return policy, where every customer that returned their peg got 10% off their next order. This also keeps the customer involved and interacting with Yo! Sushi and the sustainable situation. 

I tried a variety of colours for the packaging, including brown, green, orange and grey/brown. Brown was to dark to print onto, and the green and grey looked quite organic and gave the impression of sustainability  but didn’t really suit Yo! Sushi. I opted for the orange as it suits the brand/restaurant best, as their logo and other objects in the restaurant are this colour.

Next was the text which I wanted simple on the outside just containing Yo! Sushi contact details, then on the inside have all the information about sustainable fishing. I didn’t want to keep the text straight, I wanted it to be on a variety of angles so the customer has to turn the packaging around to read it. This keeps the customer interacting and often this is what people do anyway when eating.

Below are my pictures of the finished take away packaging.