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April 26, 2010

I had to write my own brief for the project, and started looking at dietry foods like gluten and diary free products. According to Mintel there are only a small number of consumer who follow a ‘free from’ diet on the grounds of medically diagnosed food allergy/intolerance, but in the last 4 years the market had doubled to £180 million. This 180 million does not include the consumers who eat ‘free from’ products as a life self choice or who are self diagnosed.

It was a choice between looking at the ‘free from’ foods on prescription (available to only medically diagnosed consumers.)  or the food in supermarket (available to anyone.). I decided to look at gluten free food market as this interests me most as I follow a gluten free diet. I get food on prescription, there are two main brands; Juvela and Glutafin, and according to Mintel the pharmaceutical market for gluten free foods is worth 13 million. I took an interest in the Juvela packaging as it  aesthetically appeared very dated and in some circumstances medical looking. Yet Juvela pride themselves on providing tasty, high quality food. This was not reflected in the packaging.

I sent out a survey to 180 people with coeliac disease. This helped me find a target market, as over half for the people that answered were aged 50+, only a very small proportion were under the age of 30. I also found out that 58% of people said it was quite important what their food packaging looked like, and 33% said it was very important. There was only 9% who said they didn’t care.

I wanted to design the packaging to suit the brand, Juvela are the UK’s leading provider of gluten free food on prescription and have been caring for coeliacs for 15 years. I wanted the packaging to reflect this care. I wanted it to feel traditional, homemade, and special to the consumer- not something that people want to hide away.

I looked at other packaging which reflected this traditional and handmade aspect. My favourite being Jamie Olivers range designed by Pearlfisher.

Images from:
I love the simplicity to these designs, they still convey a traditional and homemade baking feel whilst still being a professional and trust worthy brand.

I also looked closely at doves farm and how they designed their packaging. They use minimal colours, and use the same 5/6 colours through out the whole design.

I started by looking at the flour first and drawing illustrations which related to using flour in baking for example a mixing bowl and wooden spoon etc. The one I picked was some weighing scales which I though related quite well to baking. I also created a hand drawn typeface to give it a handmade feel. I also wanted to change the Juvela logo because currently it is a bright colour and written in a very rounded bubble typeface which is quite hard to read. I changed it to a more traditional text and experimented with stamping the logo to give it a traditional handmade feel. Below are the results: (if the image doesn’t show, click on the question mark and it will bring it up. I am not sure why it won’t show! sorry)

I do like the feel to it but it needs alot more work doing to it. The heirachy of text is wrong even though the flour is call ‘white mix’ the most obvious word should be ‘flour’. The drawing looks ok on a mini scale but when blown up to full size I think it would be a bit over powering. I also think maybe I should experiment with the illustration and try different styles and put a food you can make with the flour rather than an object you use.

Next I did totally the opposite of everything I had done in my original design and create a very computer generated design. Which I don’t think works. I like the cakes being computer generated I think they suit the packaging better than the scales, but the typeface needs to be hand drawn.

I looked back at the doves farm flour and noticed how the illustration are set out in a little kitchen type scene, where as mine just look like they are floating on the page. So I experimented with this idea and trying to link the colours.

I have decided that the typeface needs changing to something less bulky than the current one I am using. I also don’t like the baking scene on the packaging design above, it feels to fake and the colours are to bright, I need to print off some colour schemes and see what works together.

Above is my newest design which I am happier with, obviously it is nowhere nearly a finished package. I traced a new typeface to create a hand rendered look and used some hand painted images of cakes which I think is starting to work better.

My original idea for the Juvela logo was to stamp it so it appeared handmade, but I decided that if all the packaging was going for that look then maybe the logo should be a bit of a contrast to give the brand a feeling of reliability and make it feel trustworthy. I thought about using a rosette style logo at the end of a strip of material. I tried this but I didn’t feel like it suited the flour and the rosette felt a bit plonked down at the end. So I changed it to a square strip like the one above.

I the design still doesn’t feel complete and I think this is because I haven’t considered the colours very well, like I mentioned at the the start I need to make them link and limit my design to 5/6 different colours only.

Here is my final design minus the logo strip which I plan to stick on the packaging after. I have added a strip at the bottom to stop the cake floating on the page, used only a few colours through out the design, and changed the background green to a deeper/blacker green, before it looked a bit minty!

I applied the same principle to both the biscuits and pizza base.

This design again doesn’t have Juvela logo on as it will be stuck on afterwards. Below is a 3D rendering I did of the biscuit box.It was my first attempt at it and I don’t think I got the shading quite right.

Below are my finished photos I have taken of all my packaging…