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August 16, 2009

Brief: to communicate a piece of music into an animated series of images.

I had to create a 10-20 second animated to a given piece of music. It had to include handmade image, photographic means and digitally enhanced images, and based around three words which I thought of when first listening to the music.




The basic idea was to have a rayogram of a root changing into a hand draw image of a flower. Below are some of the experimental rayograms I did which led to my images.

early stage of growth

early stage of growth

later stage

later stage

For the flower I drew each stage of its growth, all together this was 53 line drawings.



I spent ages creating the images and editing them into a final animation. I think the main weaknesses in this work is there needs to be more detail in the background when the flower is growing, because at the moment it is pretty boring. Maybe I could of animated some other flowers to go in the background. I am pleased with the animation of the daisy, and the way it grows, but I think the line drawing is very basic, and maybe needed some texture or something else to make it appear 3D.