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Personal reflection

November 20, 2009

I am going to specalise in structural design because I am fascinated by colour, shape and form and love to physically make and experiment with paper and card. I think packaging design is becoming more popular and there is good career potential in this field.

Structural graphics covers a broad range of design from sculpture to packaging, it will involve looking at materials, consumer packaging and display.

 I think structural design is not only about the form and aesthetics of a product but also thinking about the way we use it.

 There are a variety of jobs you can go into with packaging, these include the manufacturing section, where you would work with a specialist material. Then there are brand owners, this would be in-house design teams, so maybe working for a company like Thornton’s. Also there are design consultancies like Pearlfisher, and finally you could work free-lance like Richard Sweeny. Who after studying three dimensional design at Manchester Met university found a niche working with flat sheet materials and manipulating form through the use of hand-craft and CNC manufacturing techniques. He has done work for a variety of people including Selfridges and the Cartasia festival of paper arts in Lucca, Italy.

 Influential designers and agencies


 I am especially interested and inspired by the shapes and forms of nature and architecture. I think drawing inspiration from my surroundings by looking at natural forms and structures would really benefit my work.

I enjoy the creativity of thinking about ideas and concepts. I work well with others in groups, but think I can develop this even more by practicing presenting infront of my peers to give me more confidence and experience.

It is also important to have some technical knowledge of material properties used in packaging design, production process and how my design may affect the environment. I feel my knowledge on business, economic, social, political, history and ethics is very limited. I think it is important to know what, not only happened in the past but what is happening now. I think it would be very beneficial for my work to read and research these areas in more depth.

The packaging design industry is very competitive to get into, and the competition only grows more each year with new and innovative ideas. I have little experience about work in the graphic design industry. Companies will want you to have placement or work experience. I think this is important, not only to make myself more attractive to employers but to see how you would actually work as a graphic designer in the work place.

To be successful in any area of life you need the help and support of others. I think this is especially important for designers because the graphic design world is so small. A lot of designers get work on recommendation from others, and it seems to be about who you know!