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September 25, 2009

‘Obsession is what it comes down to. It is difficult to think without obsession, and it is impossible to create something without a foundation that is rigorous, incontrovertible, and, in fact, to some degree repetitive. Repetition is the ritual of obsession. Don’t confuse the obsession of repetition with learning by rote. I am suggesting a form of inquiry, a procedure to jumpstart the indecision of beginning.’

Richard Serra, 2008


Working with a sheet material, which was paper, I had to create a three dimensional response to the word repeat. The final outcome should not include additional print.


I looked into the word of Richard Sweeney who creates 3D paper sculptures; his work often uses a repetition of identical modules that form the final sculpture. His ideas are usually based around natural objects.

I wanted to base my sculpture around the natural and repetitive form of a spiral. I experimented a lot with paper to see the different shapes I could create and test the limitations.


experimenting with paper

experimenting with paper



I looked into artists like Peter Callesen, Howard Silverman and Jacob Hashimoto all of whom use paper but have very different styles. For example Callesen’s work is very intricate and delicate. He creates a 3D sculpture, cutting the basic outline from an A4 piece of paper then builds it up into 3D. Where as Silverman is less delicate, he uses corrugated card to create a sculpture of spiral shapes and patterns.

I looked at spirals in architecture to, like Olafur Eliasson who create two 9m spiral stair cases that merge together to form one double spiraling stair case. Also the Reichstag building by Norman Foster, where the interior column of the dome is shaped like a spiral.


The natural form of a spiral in a shell. Drawn in charcoal.

The natural form of a spiral in a shell. Drawn in charcoal.



One of my favorite artists/architects is Antoni Gaudi who used natural forms whether it was for structure or decoration to inspire his work.

Below is my final outcome for the brief.


Close up of final outcome

Close up of final outcome

This was my favourite project, and the one I am most pleased with. I love the influence of natural in my work, and I think this piece shows it well, with the natural form of a spiral.