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November 20, 2009

Brief: To pick a random word from the dictionary, then create a 500 word book, focusing on the layout,typography and images.

My random word was marshmallow, I tried to based my book around the shape and texture of what a real marshmallow was like.

The top two photos are close ups of my front cover case, then there were 9 pages which slotted inside this. Below are a selection of pages from my book.



The book represents the word very well, as I made it into the shape of a marshmallow and used lots of different textures and materials to represent the word. It allowed the reader to interact with the book and want to feel the different page textures. Although I think that I should of worked into and developed the typeface on the front cover, because it is quite flat and basic. For it to represent a marshmallow I think it needs to be more 3D and have texture.