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Life Drawing

November 16, 2009

I have never been amazing at drawing people. I find it fascinating when people can draw others so easily, I have been to Paris a few times and have spent hours walking around the square near the Sacre-Coeur where artists are constantly creating amazing portraits in less than 20 minutes – and they make it look so easy.

In our first year at uni we had a few sessions of life drawing. The model held each pose for about 10mins so to draw the whole body you had to be quick and not concentrate too much on the details. We were guided by the tutors on the best way to go about these drawings, which was really helpful.

Below is one of my outcomes from the session. Basically the idea when we were drawing the figure was to do big strokes from the shoulder (instead of the wrist) and follow each line through. So for example when drawing the line which would create the bottom on the leg, bring it right round so it links into the bottom of the spine and bum.

life drawing with charcoal

life drawing with charcoal


Obviously I am not the worlds best artist, I really like the mid section of the body from the bum up to the shoulder. Luckily I think the eye is drawn to this part anyway because it has most detail and shading. My weakness in the drawing surround this mid section, alot of the proportions are incorrect and didn’t have enough time to work into these sections.¬†