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Re-designing ‘Deep Red’ by HUGO BOSS

December 19, 2009

We basically had to re-design the perfume bottle ‘Deep Red’ by HUGO BOSS. The current bottle is based upon a high heel shoe and thin flute of a champagne glass, and in my personal opinion is pretty dull!

I researched into other perfume bottles and their shapes and influences. I decided to use natural forms as inspiration for my design.  We had to try and make our final product by creating a mould from wood then vac forming it.We only had a few days to do this so we didn’t actually have to produce a finished product.

Below are some images of my design. I vac formed in clear and white plastic and made three identical bottles, which are original and elegant.

This picture  above was taken looking down the curve of the bottle from the top, you can just see the shape of the ‘deep red’ text written at the bottom of the bottle.

Below is the clear plastic bottle, if the bottle was actually produced it wold be made of clear glass, so the perfume would be visible.