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November 16, 2009

I love the handmade aspect to graphic design, before I started uni I couldn’t really use computers and hated them, so just did everything by hand. Since then I have taught myself enough to get by and I am gradually starting to like them (only a bit though!!).

It is easy to lose sight of pure handmade graphic design when computers can do everything so quickly and easily. 

Below is some of my work done on a sewing machine, it is very simple, but I love all the different materials and textures created.



detail of leaf


lake and leaves close up

Lake and leaves

The last image is a close up section of  a picture I did of some willow trees hanging over a lake in China. I painted the background first, then screen printed the foreground (hanging leaves) onto tissue paper, so it would still be transparent. On top of this I then sewed on material and thread to create texture and give the picture some depth.