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Hallam Degree Show

August 7, 2010

I went to look round Hallam’s show in June I thought this would be helpful to me in my final year as I could look at the space available and what people had done with it.

I thought the quality of work was very good and there was quite a wide range of different projects, although I didn’t see much packaging work which was the main think I wanted to look at. Also it was often only the final pieces that were on display so it was hard to know what the student actually intended, it would be good if a copy of their brief was next to the work then it would make more sense.

The work was well presented, extra boards had been put across the room to make use of all the space. The work that looked best had been printed onto card then foam had been put behind it to raise it off the wall. It was such a simple thing but this made it stand out from all the other work. The thing that let the work down most was the print quality, from a distance it was totally fine, but upon closer inspection it looked quite pixilated.

Students also had made business cards to go with their final pieces. The ones that worked best had obviously had more time put into them, they were also displayed on tables underneath their work so they were easy to spot. Some had just been put on the floor underneath the students work but these were really hard to see because they were so low down.

These are a few of the best business cards made by students. Most of the business cards linked in some way to their final project, the brown one was actually an envelope which contained a mini sample of the students work, which was a nice idea.

I thought the signage for the show was really good, the main one on the outside of the building had been done really well, and fitted into each window on the main doors, as you walked through the main door a leaflet was then handed to you and before you went upstairs there was a long thin banner containing all the information about what was going on on each floor/room. There was signs all the way upstairs directing you to the graphic design room.

The publication was very professional, it followed a theme of a periodic table. The letters ‘spark’ where taken from the periodic table. Then its own letters and numbered were added, so Gd stood for graphic design, it then had a number above it which represented the page number this work could be found on. There were four categories in the publication, these were Graphic Design, Illustration, Moving Image and Advertising. The work was laid out so each student had their own page with their contact details and email address.  I liked the layout of the publication is was very simple and made good use of the space, it didn’t cram the page full of work it left lots of white space which made it very easy it look through. Again though the only problem was you couldn’t put a lot of the work in context because there was nothing giving the reader any idea of what the brief was.

Above is a page taken from the Spark publication, the layout is very simple and makes good use of white space.