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May 25, 2011

So here they are… my finished designs.


May 25, 2011

Whilst developing my previous logo design I also started playing around with a new design. I started trying to incorporate an olive tree into my design by replacing the L with a tree trunk. After alot of sketching different trees this is what I came up with…

…unfortunately and totally by accident my tutor pointed out it resembled a similar logo for ‘adopt an olive tree’ . Slightly annoying since I really liked the design. So I thought about changing it for a different style of illustration or replacing it with an olive branch.

I tried both:

The trees look to spindly and the left hand olive branch uses to much green and doesn’t take up enough of the background. The clear favourite is the right hand one, the orange colouring would look nice printed in gold and create the premium feel the design is looking for.

So now is the choice between the two final logo designs…

They both do as I intended; give off a Greek vibe whilst also competing with other upmarket and premium products. I am going to use the left hand image though as I think the olive branch creates a more direct link in a consumers mind to a greek product and the green on the leaves gives it a fresh feel.

Initial Ideas

May 25, 2011

The products need to look modern and stylish to attract the correct target market but still reflect the traditional greek culture.

I looked for inspiration in the architecture and old greek pottery. The shape of the bottles are inspired by the greek jugs and pots that have broad shoulders leading down to a narrow base (see image below.).

One of my initial ideas involved using a black and white image of greek architecture and spreading it across three bottles, so when placed together the customer would get a full landscape.

I like the idea of it but when put into practice the image would just curve around the bottles and it would be hard to tell what was actually printed onto them.

I started looking a type and how it could represent this Mediterranean feel. I came up with these hand rendered designs…

The olive oil design works well but the honey type doesn’t have the same affect, I experimented alot with this design but couldn’t get it to work. I decided why does it actually need to say what product is contained in the pot/bottle, if it is see through surely it is obvious? So why not just have the deli logo on the front instead…

So my next idea was to write ‘deli’ or ‘greedy greek’ in this same Mediterranean style. Below shows some of my initial ideas.

Here (below) it begins to work as a logo. I was experimenting with colours trying to use typical ones associated with Greece like blue, white and terracotta. I don’t think these colours are working to well though, it is not giving off a premium vibe. Maybe using black, white and gold might create this feel.

Greedy Greek Deli Introduction

May 25, 2011

After looking at the 3D and 2D combination in my previous project I now wanted to look at shape families. The Sanex project had three final outcomes, they all used the same shape for the bottles but varied the graphics. This time the shape will have to change across three different products but they all still need to look like the belong together.

The Brief

The Greedy Greek Deli mainly provides hot takeaway food and cold greek salads. The Deli appeals to a very broad market ranging from parents and children popping in after school, to students, to OAPs. The type of takeaways the deli will compete with are places like Indian or Chinese etc that provide more substantial meals rather than fast food takeaways like McDonalds/KFC/Burger King etc.

Currently they do not provide a premium range of food products, that customers can buy and use at home.

The addition of the premium range will allow the Greedy Greek to compete with upmarket deli’s as well as takeaways, hence broadening their target market. It will also allow brand reinforcement at home.

The target market

The target market for this new range is male and females in late 20s mid 30s who live a contemporary lifestyle, they are in full time work and have a higher disposable income due to less commitments in their life like husbands/wives/children/pets. They are reasonably health conscious and want convenient and healthy food.

The Deli is in a perfect location for this target market being situation in a quite a modern and upper-class part of town, the shops around reflect this. The products included in the range will be oil, honey and herbs all traditional greek foods, which the customer can use and display at home for cooking.