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Ellis Brigham

October 19, 2012

I have started working for a company called Big Stone who are agents for Arcteryx clothing and Five Ten shoes. Both of which I am very fond of and am actually sponsored by for rock climbing! So it seemed quite appropriate to get a job offer here, I have started doing marketing and a bit of graphic design for them full time.

So my first big project was to design a leaflet for Ellis Brigham’s, advertising an Avalanche talk going on in their stores. This had to be done in a typical Arcteryx style, so to put it simply a clean and simple layout. If you check out the website you will get the idea,

Below you can see my final layout design that got put into print, 20,000 copies of these were sent out to stores and 60,000 emailed. The layout is a simple A4 folded in half to create a mini booklet and I also created a poster following the same style.

Flyer Outer

The left hand half is the back of the leaflet with the fold being down the centre and the right hand side is the front.

Flyer inner

The same applies to this with the fold being down the centre, but this shows the inside of the leaflet. The left hand page contains the talk information and right, product info and spec.