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Mailer for Carlton Press

June 7, 2012

“We gave Katy a brief to design a mailer to attract graphic design agencies: She interpreted the brief straight away and produced a really effective design that will enable us to grow our business by showing potential clients exactly what we do.”

Haydn, Carlton Press, 01142 754258

I have been doing a bit of freelance work recently for a printing company in Sheffield. They wanted a mailer to send out to design agencies that promoted the printing and die cutting work available to customers.  The design needed to reflect the traditional heritage behind the company but also be a little bit different to get noticed at design agencies when it came through the post.

The criteria:

1 or 2 colour litho printing

Incorporate die cutting / letterpress

A5 or something larger that can be folded down


Below are some sketches of initial ideas. We decided to go with the vertical sleeve idea as it was a little different and it incorporated die cutting by having a small window on the front. The sketched logo from the bingo ticket idea (top left) felt most appropriate along with the correct typeface to give the design the ‘traditional’ feel.

I managed to hit the nail on the head with the design pretty quickly… I was expecting more back and forth with emails and designs.

This is my finished design that I have left with Carlton Press, they will be making a few small tweaks to text and then send me the finished and printed mailer.

I am excited to see it all done and will post some photos of it when I receive one.

Front and back of the outer sleeve

So this image shows the sleeve opened out flat, the left hand side is the front and obviously the right side will be folded behind to make the back of the sleeve and glued together with tabs.

Below shows the inner which will pull out of the sleeve and contain all the relevant information. The idea is that as you slowly pull the inner out all the words in grey will pass through the window (cut into the blue sleeve) and you can read one by one what the company specialise in whilst sampling their printing and die cutting.

Inner information sheet