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Proposal document

October 30, 2010

We had to write a proposal document for our final module at uni, in which we had to state our project ideas and briefs. Whilst making my final proposal I learnt how to Japanese stab bind which is a really good way of joining separate pieces of paper together. The photos below show my finished document.

The photo above shows the final proposal. The document pulls out from inside the book cover.




2D verses 3D

October 19, 2010

Packaging obviously needs a combination of structure and graphics to be able to sell, contain and protect a product.

As Papanek (1995 p33) once quoted, “it can be said that the package is the product.

In the world we live in now where supermarkets are packed with row upon row of different brands of the same product, packaging needs to stand out to attract the customer’s attention. What attracts them to a certain product? Is it an interesting structure or graphic?

Certain packaging for example Toblerone is very structural based and has become an iconic shape, if there were no graphics on the pack people would always recognise it. Where as on the other hand a bar of dairy milk is simply recognised by its colours and branding and is quite a generic shape.

Looking at a spectrum of products ranging from value to luxury, it is obvious structure only starts playing an important as the products become more premium, and people spend more time/money choosing which product they wish to buy.

In my first brief I will re-brand Sanex and create two separate designs, one being structural based and one graphic based. Then test the effectiveness of these designs on the appropriate target audience.