Initial Ideas

The products need to look modern and stylish to attract the correct target market but still reflect the traditional greek culture.

I looked for inspiration in the architecture and old greek pottery. The shape of the bottles are inspired by the greek jugs and pots that have broad shoulders leading down to a narrow base (see image below.).

One of my initial ideas involved using a black and white image of greek architecture and spreading it across three bottles, so when placed together the customer would get a full landscape.

I like the idea of it but when put into practice the image would just curve around the bottles and it would be hard to tell what was actually printed onto them.

I started looking a type and how it could represent this Mediterranean feel. I came up with these hand rendered designs…

The olive oil design works well but the honey type doesn’t have the same affect, I experimented alot with this design but couldn’t get it to work. I decided why does it actually need to say what product is contained in the pot/bottle, if it is see through surely it is obvious? So why not just have the deli logo on the front instead…

So my next idea was to write ‘deli’ or ‘greedy greek’ in this same Mediterranean style. Below shows some of my initial ideas.

Here (below) it begins to work as a logo. I was experimenting with colours trying to use typical ones associated with Greece like blue, white and terracotta. I don’t think these colours are working to well though, it is not giving off a premium vibe. Maybe using black, white and gold might create this feel.


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