Whilst developing my previous logo design I also started playing around with a new design. I started trying to incorporate an olive tree into my design by replacing the L with a tree trunk. After alot of sketching different trees this is what I came up with…

…unfortunately and totally by accident my tutor pointed out it resembled a similar logo for ‘adopt an olive tree’ . Slightly annoying since I really liked the design. So I thought about changing it for a different style of illustration or replacing it with an olive branch.

I tried both:

The trees look to spindly and the left hand olive branch uses to much green and doesn’t take up enough of the background. The clear favourite is the right hand one, the orange colouring would look nice printed in gold and create the premium feel the design is looking for.

So now is the choice between the two final logo designs…

They both do as I intended; give off a Greek vibe whilst also competing with other upmarket and premium products. I am going to use the left hand image though as I think the olive branch creates a more direct link in a consumers mind to a greek product and the green on the leaves gives it a fresh feel.


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