Tweaking the brief (Sanex)

So, my original idea was to create two final outcomes, one having a 2D focus and the other a 3D focus. This was mainly to act as research for my dissertation but since finishing my dissertation my tutor and I decided that I would get a better final outcome if I just created one final piece.  So this would involve combining the 2D and 3D ideas. I have also added different essential oils to the range, an oil for each skin type.

I have found this project hard, I have gone through so many different ideas but I think what I have settled on works nicely. The final shape on the bottle when viewed from a side project is reminiscent of a water droplet resembling the brand value ‘moisturising’. The bottle is made from clear plastic and I have sandblasted on the images giving it added tactile qualities.

Below are my 2D computer generated images for the three bottles. I am still in the process of finishing the actual bottles, but hopefully they shouldn’t be to far behind.



The white sections have been sanded blasted on, and the different colours are simply the colour of the shower gel visible through the plastic. The Sanex logo will also been printed in gold.


3 Responses to “Tweaking the brief (Sanex)”

  1. Tanya Says:

    Nice! How did you create the bottles? Is it plastic or glass?

  2. Tanya Says:

    Nice! How did you create the bottles? Is it plastic or glass?.

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