Sanex shower gel

So my first brief I proposed was to re-design Sanex shower gel. This project provides an essential piece of primary research and is the concluding chapter in my dissertation .

According to Mintel there has been an increase in the last 5 years in usage of shower gel.  For women it has increased 14%, and there is heavy usage amongst adults’ aged 25-34 who are most likely to be in full time employment.

Sanex have been developing products for the last 20 years. The brand is about developing products consumers can rely on for keeping skin clean and healthy whilst maintaining the body’s natural balance of essential ingredients. Sanex products work in harmony with the skin.

The problem is these selling points are not communicated through the current packaging, neither by 2D or 3D. The current packaging does not target the appropriate market, which is women in full time employment aged 20-35. They want a bit of luxury and a brand they can trust to care for their skin.

The brief

Re-brand Sanex and create two design outcomes, one that focus on the visual/graphic aspect and one on the structure and tactile qualities. Test the effectiveness of these designs on young women aged 20-35, and see which is most preferable.

The current bottle uses blue and white colours which is reminiscent of pharmaceutical products, giving the bottle a very clinical feel instead of an indulgent luxurious product. The bottle shape is very bulky and rectangular in comparison with others in the category for example Dove, which takes its form as a long slender shape resembling a droplet of water.

The brand name ‘Sanex’ is written in a sans serif type where is ‘Dove’ uses a serif typeface. The type on Sanex is left aligned and bar the logo has no clear hierarchy. There is a lot of text all trying to compete with each other by size, colour or boldness.

The three words which represent Sanex are; protect, moisturise and balance. I am going to use these as a base for my designs.

First I wanted to change the logo, I dont think the current shape is suitable for the target market. It needs to have a more organic feel to it, currently it is very angular. I changed the shape by pulling up the opposite corner and rounding off the edges. I then experimented with different types for the brand name, I don’t think any of them work to well as they don’t fit the shape.

I looked for an appropriate typeface but could find a suitable one, so used a hand rendered type instead. This logo (below) works well, it still needs a bit of tweaking. The ‘S’ resembles this core brand value associated Sanex, the idea of protection, it is larger than the other letters and slightly leans over them.


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