Another use for EPS foam??

This is a nice idea…


EPS foam is widely used in building and site construction and usually ends up in landfills after this, it then remains intact for centuries. PLANCH are trying to help solve this situation by creating a planter-bench. It combines potentially toxic chemicals with a plant. According to the designer it is trying to explore the notions of toxic and safe, and manmade and natural, in a desperate search for balance and coexistence.

The bench uses this EPS foam, and takes advantage of its properties, like the capacity to resist compression, tactility and weather-resistance, which would cause the slow decomposition in landfill. I think it creates quite an interesting bench/sculpture and might make people think the current waste and landfill situation.


One Response to “Another use for EPS foam??”

  1. Corey Says:

    EPS Foa, is also a great ‘green’ product that helps many construction projects get LEED certified. We curently use eps foam in ourGFRC – Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete SIP panels. I love that this product has so many uses. And it is great that the waste is being used instead of being trashed and that is what LEED is making sure of.

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