Observation and Communication

Wharncliffe Fire Clay Works

Observation and communication was another of our first year projects, and does exactly what it says on the tin.

We had to pick any public building in Sheffield and for the final outcome had to produce a poster including an image of the building, the address, postcode and date it was built. 

I picked a shop (it was a craft/gift shop.) on division street, it wasn’t anything special but I liked the exterior of the building. I later found out during research it was an old clay tile factory in the 80s. 

I then spent a while just observing the building; looking at little close up details, the building as a whole and sketching people entering and leaving the shop. I then created the building using various media for example, simple pencil sketches, acrylic paint, card silhouette cut out, rubbings, etching etc.



Etching of the wharncliffe fire clay works

For my final poster I used a painting I had done of the building using acrylic paint and a palette knife and a typeface I developed in a similar way. The final design was printed on thick paper which was made up of textured squares (it was actually a paper table cloth.) , I thought this fitted in with the tile aspect of the building.

wharncliffe fire clay works

wharncliffe fire clay works


Overall I like the finished design for the poster, I think it works well just using black and white. The painting and close up sections give it texture and a slight 3D aspect. I need to develop the typeface though, I think the bigger type works well, but as it gets smaller parts of the letters get lost on the page.


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